Coronavirus Vaccination

We ask that you please do not contact the GP surgery regarding your appointment as we do not have access to the clinic schedule to advise when you will be appointed or to change any booked appointments.


Veterans Support

At Networks of Wellbeing all of our services are open to veterans and their families - however we recognise that there are times when a more specialist approach may be needed.

Veterans Aid

Veterans Aid (VA) is a UK registered charity, established in 1932. Initially known as H10, a canteen and recreation room for destitute ex-Servicemen, it was designated The Embankment Fellowship Centre (EFC) the following year
0800 012 6867

Veteran’s housing

When you leave the armed forces, the options for where you and your family can live include: renting a property, buying a property, housing support, veteran housing charities,support if you are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Veterans and the NHS

If you have served in the armed forces as a regular or a reserve then you may be entitled to healthcare support as a veteran.